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indian-tiger_1431_990x742My biggest struggle as of late is seeing my weight stay the same. I see lots of good physical changes and feel great but damn it would be nice to see that number actually start to go down. I really don’t want to give myself too much of a calorie deficit but I think it might be the only way to really get results. Ive adjusted my diet a few times over the last 2 months. Something to delve deeper into.

TigerfiercebabyOk Back from vacation and while I was not the worst on my vacation for eating and exercising habits I could have been better. I will just call it a rest week and get back to the action now. Weight stayed the same as did BMI so I cant really complain. I saw a small drop this weekend to 248 lbs but as of this mornings weigh in still 250. Appearances though look better so not sure where this weight is shifting but I dont really care. Failed to buy new fitbit watch in states so I will be ordering one here even if it is more expensive. That is all. Thanks for reading.


Last week was super busy with a big presentation for work (hence the lack of Friday post because I was busy with said presentation) but I was still able to get all of my steps and keep to the diet and make it to the gym everyday. So the results of said regime and dedication was a fluctuation of 1 pound up so 251 and a 1 percent increase in BMI 33.3%. Everyone keeps telling me to ignore the scale and for the most part I am but it is still annoying. My Weights in the gym keep getting heavier though and I am putting in a little more time and reps in each day. I have hit 10k steps no matter what.

This week the real test is my quick jaunt to the United States for a week. Maintaining my steps might be a challenge with the mixed time zones but will work towards it regardless. I have my Resistance bands packed in my suitcase and ready to go. Won’t have any protein powder with me but I might pick up some bars when I land. Staying vigilant on trips has always been my downfall. Expect erratic to non-existent posts from Wednesday to Wednesday.

TigerfiercebabyThis week I got back down 250lbs and maintained a 32 BMI. I realize that the amount of calories I am adding in from the protein shakes was spiking me up this week and I hit 255 at one point. So this weekend I cut back on calories in my meals. So instead of supplemental I will be looking at one of my shakes as a replacement meal. I hit the gym every day and have my rest day today which is still yoga and some body weight exercises (main reason Monday is rest day is gym is closed). I cooked and bought way too much food the week before so I am letting the leftovers carry into this week and not doing anything but veggies this week for dinners. We will see playing with calorie counting this week what results I can attain on the weight side. Hoping to see a nice downward trend start this week.


This week I saw a little improvement. I weighed in at 251 and a BMI of 32%. Down a pound and same BMI. Visually I notice different shape and definition. I got fitted for some bespoke clothing yesterday and looking in the mirror while I was being measured I could see the change. Slow progress but only 3 weeks in. I did pick up some protein powder and a shaker. Also bought a generic Magic Bullet for making smoothies. I was surprised the taste was not awful and actually pretty good. Looking forward to seeing how this all continues to shape up. Cooked some awesome Mutton Masala yesterday which my house guests enjoyed. Always a nice feeling to get positive feedback on cooking. I cooked up the Mutton Masala and some chicken marinaded in Italiandressing. I have chicken livers and bacon but no Rumaki. I will try to make that tonight. That is the update. Riveting I know.


So not really progress. In the last 2 weeks I have gained 2 pounds and my BMI went up by 2%. Not exactly the number progress I was working for. Now if I go for appearance some parts of me have thinned out some and my arms and legs have a lot more muscle. I also learned how to use one of the workout equipment pieces I was unsure of this weekend which add a few more weight exercises to my routine. Its not all about the numbers. Still going and working hard.


Last time I was on the Paleo Path I didnt do any kind of strength training or real exercise. It was pure diet and a little walking. This time I am determined to see how adding strength training to the mix will be. Luckily I have a gym in my building that I can walk to in five minutes. Conveniant means I am more likely to go. Granted it has been there for over a year and I bought sneakers to use it last year when I went 3 times but now I am determined to make it part of my life and for the last two weeks I have.

Every day I hit the gym. I am not an hour long gym enthusiast and for now I just want to get in the gym and do something. I am finding I do a nice rotation at the machines working arms and legs doing heavy weights and short reps. I try and cycle through twice and going to work on three times next week. I am already seeing muscle growth and better body definition. Sadly my weight seems to maintain and I am not really sure of the muscle weighs more than fat excuse but I am going to go with that for now.

Thanks for reading.