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The how and why I am in India is a story for another day. Suffice it to say for now it is because I’m awesome. This tale is of the trip that had me land in my new home.

I was to begin my journey at 5am on Saturday February 1st. I went to bed the previous evening at 9pm trying to catch what little sleep I could on my air mattress. At 11:30 pm I was awoken to the sound of someone in my apartment.With lightning quick reflexes and the agility to fight off ninjas I groggily shouted Hello three times in English in my half awaken state. Finally I was greeted in return by “Sorry, I thought you were gone.” and the door shutting, There may have been more to that exchange but I kind of figured out it was my landlady coming to see the apartment and thinking I had left already. Of course it took me another couple of hours to fall back asleep. The real lesson here is when faced with home invasion my instinct is to shout Hello.

Once falling back asleep I got up again at around 3 to start doing my final prep. Got my two carry on bags and check-in bag ready. Was just waiting on my friend to come give me a ride to the airport. It is around 430 am that I am alerted by another friend who is at the airport for his own trip that my first flight to Chicago has been cancelled. This alert came via a Facebook post on my timeline with a picture of the departure screen. I call the airline immediately. They help me book a new flight at 5pm out of Quebec to Newark and then a direct flight from Newark to Mumbai.

After hanging up I take a look at my new itinerary and notice I have an hour and ten minutes to connect flights. Anyone who has flown knows connections are tricky at times. Now add in going through customs in the US for coming from Canada, picking up your checked bag, rechecking in your bag, going through TSA again and then getting to your gate. I think this may be a challenge.

However at this point my friend shows up to give me my ride to the airport. I explain my situation, give her the remainder of the stuff I had to give away and thank her for her help. Now I get back on the phone with the airline. I try to get an earlier flight to Newark since my original itinerary had me sitting in airports all day I was prepared for that. They tell me that are no other flights I can get on but not to worry an hour and ten minutes would be plenty of time. I still doubt this but there isnt much I can do,

Lack of sleep has hit me pretty hard at this point. I look around and my apartment is completely empty. I had just given my friend my air mattress. I look at the floor and the heater I look at my baggage and I pull out a pillow case with dirty laundry and use it as a pillow as I sleep on the wooden floor next to the heater like a hobo. This only works for so long before I give up on trying to sleep and go get breakfast.

Upon returning from breakfast I discover my internet had stopped working which isnt surprising since I told them to turn it off that day. I had not assumed my flight would be cancelled and I would need it any longer. Worried that I might have my next flight cancelled or something else I headed to a place I knew would have internet, warmth and comfyish chairs, the airport.

With a backpack, a carry-on suitcase and a duffel bag in tow I locked my apartment for the last time and walked through the snow towards someplace with a taxis. I found one not too far off and hopped in,

Once at the airport I see that there is an earlier flight to Newark and also a really long line at the check in counter, I get in line with hope of scoring a spot on this plane. Once I get to the counter and explain my situation I am told that flight is full. I accept my fate and check-in the duffel bag.

I get up to security and make a few rookie mistakes which is unlike me since I travel all the time. I left my change in my pocket and I forgot to take out my Xbox from my bag. Both of these things had me get a little bit of a hassle from security but as I was 7 hours early for my flight I was OK.

A spot with an outlet is secured and I go back to browsing the web while I wait. I run into a couple people I know while I wait and chat, wish them well on their travels and go back to waiting. I get hungry and grab a burger and my last poutine before leaving Quebec. Questionable choice before getting on a flight but I was feeling adventurous.

4 something and boarding time should be approaching. I walk over to the gate and the rest of the passengers are gathered waiting to get on the plane. However there is another plane using the same entry area so they need to board first. They even wait for some late passengers which was very nice of them. Of course this means my plane is leaving 20 minutes late giving me now 50 minutes to catch my connection and flight to my new home.

We board the plane, we take off and we land (flights to Newark arent that exciting). I get off the plane but have to wait for one of my carry-onsĀ  because the plane was too small to take it on. I had not planned for this so it takes away from my precious time to connect. I have about 35 minutes to connect.

Customs is pretty fast though the agent was shocked that I was moving to India. ThisĀ  becomes a theme for this journey, as many people act surprised anyone would move there. I leave there with 30 minutes. I get to the luggage area for my duffel and wait a little. Bag drops I grab it and head to check it back in at which point I am told I have 20 minutes so I drop the bag off and head to TSA. TSA I remember the change which at this point I have none, remember the Xbox, and make it through with not problems. I repack my bag, put on my belt and grab my shoes about to put them on when I hear the last call for boarding to Mumbai. I get my orientation of where my gate should be assuming they haven’t moved the gate on my ticket and I start hauling ass through the airport with shoes in hand. I swore a long time ago I would never be that guy but it just goes to show under the right circumstances we are willing to do just about anything.

Eventually I stop running and walk briskly to the gate almost having given up. I get to the gate and tell them my name. They tell me they don’t have my duffel. I tell them its OK I am moving there it will get to me eventually. They say at least I made it and you know as stressful as it was in the moment at least I did make it.

I get on the plane, shoes still in hand and find my seat. The next 15 hours is sleep, screaming babies, watching Bollywood movies, chatting with the couple living in Louisville, KY but going home to India and some delicious airplane food. We land and I am home.



Hello readers. With the New Year came some new changes. The Year of the Grinning Tiger has taken me to a new job and a new country. I have just this week moved to Mumbai, India. What does this mean?

Well what it means is I will be still trying to live a healthy and clean life. I am going to be doing my best to eat Paleo/Primal. However it also means I will be using this space to document more than just my health changes. That was the focus of last year and this was a great space for it and it will continue to be but changes will be coming. So in addition to me writing about my health I will be documenting my life here in India as a expat.

Expect the content here to be a bit inconsistent at first as I work out my schedule and life. You may see a flurry of posts and then a lack of them. In all honesty that is pretty consistent with how I have been posting here so yiu are probably used to it if you are reading this.