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Tiger eating

The more I research on weight training the more I realize I need to add more protein in my diet. I have some good sources in my whole food diet but I will be trying out some supplements soon with protein powder. I guess I will be moving towards a little more primal than paleo with my whey protein but I would rather be doing it right than doing it wrong. I’m not going to be replacing meals but supplementing my meals with protein shakes in the morning before my workout and right after. Rest of my diet should relatively stay the same. Lets see how this goes


Last time I was on the Paleo Path I didnt do any kind of strength training or real exercise. It was pure diet and a little walking. This time I am determined to see how adding strength training to the mix will be. Luckily I have a gym in my building that I can walk to in five minutes. Conveniant means I am more likely to go. Granted it has been there for over a year and I bought sneakers to use it last year when I went 3 times but now I am determined to make it part of my life and for the last two weeks I have.

Every day I hit the gym. I am not an hour long gym enthusiast and for now I just want to get in the gym and do something. I am finding I do a nice rotation at the machines working arms and legs doing heavy weights and short reps. I try and cycle through twice and going to work on three times next week. I am already seeing muscle growth and better body definition. Sadly my weight seems to maintain and I am not really sure of the muscle weighs more than fat excuse but I am going to go with that for now.

Thanks for reading.