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PistaMy favorite paleo snack is nuts. I prefer pistachios the most. I feel the effort I have to put in to get those tasty morsels out of their shell makes them better for me and slows down my snacking. I also like almonds and walnuts. MMMM nuts.


I wanted to check in because I haven’t posted as often as I started and need to get back at it. I have been going strong living Paleo. I have cut down on the number of snacks I need to eat during the day. I eat a solid breakfast with lots of protein. I have a few pieces of fruit once I am at work. For lunch I usually have a baby spinach salad with some protein. Dinner is a small portion of meat and vegetables. The last week was a little bad of indulging in Chai Lattes, I had a tiny tiny bag of popcorn one day and a couple of regular french fries. The Chai really wasn’t so bad I just can’t have one every day. I need to make it more of an occasional treat. My body doesn’t freak out from the whole milk so I know it isn’t that bad but it isn’t that good either. The popcorn and fries however felt like bricks in my belly and just made me feel sluggish and blah. It was good to see that though and really listen to my body.

I started in February and now it is June. That makes 4 full months of awesome. I posted a picture to some friends from about 3 weeks or so ago and got some really great comments which is always inspiring. I went back to doing some Dance Central in the morning for some light cardio. I admit since moving to the 9th floor and having the plague I have stopped taking the stairs as much at work. 9 floors is kind of over kill for me. Good news is I move to the 5th floor this week so I will recommence with my stair walking then. I do continue to walk to work and will start looking at walking home now that the weather is super beautiful here. Plan is keep on eating like I do, increase cardio activity, and look into some strength training. That is all for now. Keep on being Awesome.


One of the biggest problems I had when I first started going Paleo was being hungry and then over snacking. My first day I under prepared for how hungry I would be. I got a little woozy that day. I then over compensated by eating lots of snacks. Eventually though I balanced out and though I snack here and there I do it when I am hungry and not constantly.

I still find snacks are good though and I only do so when my body tells me it is hungry. I have stopped eating like I used to which was all the time and when I thought I needed to eat but not when my body told me.

Snacks for me are fruit (but not a lot), nuts (I love pistachios and cashews), and the concessional Lara Bar (At this point I only eat one kind, the cashew bar. It is like crack to me. I have bought out the Cashew Lara Bar supply in multiple stores around Quebec.)

I luck out working at a company that provides fresh fruit so I have a steady supply of bananas, apples, and oranges with the occasional pear and kiwi.