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I swear me using resistance bands is like that tiger staring at the ball of rope. I have no idea if I am doing it right but I keep trying. I have watched a few videos on exercises with resistance bands and have attempted most of them. It just doesn’t feel right. Not wrong just not like lifting free weights. I can feel some burn and soreness but it doesn’t feel like enough. Even when I use the tighter bands then I get no where cause they don’t budge. I am sure there is a correct way or I am using them the correct way and just shouldn’t expect the same results as actual weights.

Resistance BandsI got my resistance bands yesterday and since I woke up a little later than normal I decided to try them out instead of going to the gym this morning. I tried a few of the suggested workouts in the pamphlet that came with the bands. I can tell I need to try experiment more with the bands and find the right tension. Either it was too easy or too tough but I didnt want to wast time trying each one this morning., i will take another crack at them tonight. I also need to watch some Youtube videos to find some good exercises with them. I cant really tell if I actually got a workout from the or not. I think I prefer weights but I am not discounting the bands yet. I am willing to believe it is more operator error than anything else.

In other news my first week back fitbitting and I am successful for getting my 10k steps and 5 miles or more each day. Pretty happy with that accomplishment. Was able to get all of my steps in yesterday even with having a friend over to watch a movie. If you haven’t seen John Wick you should cause it is awesome. 2nd viewing was just as good as first viewing.