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This week I saw a little improvement. I weighed in at 251 and a BMI of 32%. Down a pound and same BMI. Visually I notice different shape and definition. I got fitted for some bespoke clothing yesterday and looking in the mirror while I was being measured I could see the change. Slow progress but only 3 weeks in. I did pick up some protein powder and a shaker. Also bought a generic Magic Bullet for making smoothies. I was surprised the taste was not awful and actually pretty good. Looking forward to seeing how this all continues to shape up. Cooked some awesome Mutton Masala yesterday which my house guests enjoyed. Always a nice feeling to get positive feedback on cooking. I cooked up the Mutton Masala and some chicken marinaded in Italiandressing. I have chicken livers and bacon but no Rumaki. I will try to make that tonight. That is the update. Riveting I know.


I brought to India my slow cooker but like many of my electric appliances it does not work. So I am getting a new one because nothing makes being Paleo easier than a slow cooker. Easy way to make a large batch of food for the week. Some vegetables, some spices and a nice piece of meat thrown in the slow cooker and BAM awesome meal. Looking forward to trying out some old recipes with some new indian spices.

RumakiSo this weekend in addition to my normal mutton and chicken breast cooking I decided to try to make one of my favorite dishes Rumaki. I was first introduced to Rumaki in New Orleans at a Chinese food restaurant my first day down there. Later I discovered the most amazing Rumaki at the Chinese Kitchen along with their amazing giant egg rolls. I cant have their egg rolls anymore but I can have Rumaki.

Rumaki is pretty Paleo with a few minor substitutions. At the heart of it is Chicken Livers wrapped with bacon. Organ meat and Bacon is like the ideal Paleo thing. I think water chestnuts are in there too. You cook the bacon but not too much, Then you soak the Chicken Livers in soy, garlic, pepper, salt. You can sub out the soy sauce for something more Paleo. I cook the chicken livers in some ghee or butter. Once both bacon and chicken livers are cooked I let them sit a little then once cool I wrap the chicken livers with the bacon. I think you put a water chestnut in there too if you have them. I did not. You secure the wrap with a tooth pick, Then you would put it in a broiler but I do not have a broiler here in India so I throw them back in the frying pan.

I didn’t have a plum sauce/Duck sauce to go with it so I substituted a thai pineapple sauce which was good too. They were delicious. The above photo is not my end result but is about what they looked like