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Tiger eating

The more I research on weight training the more I realize I need to add more protein in my diet. I have some good sources in my whole food diet but I will be trying out some supplements soon with protein powder. I guess I will be moving towards a little more primal than paleo with my whey protein but I would rather be doing it right than doing it wrong. I’m not going to be replacing meals but supplementing my meals with protein shakes in the morning before my workout and right after. Rest of my diet should relatively stay the same. Lets see how this goes

Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Kitten

I name my years and I like them to give meaning to what I want to accomplish in the year. We are at the halfway mark for this year and so I wanted to reflect a little on how the Year of the Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Kitten was doing. It has had its downs with my father passing but aside from that major hit to my life I have been doing quite well in the realm of being more magical. In an overall sense life is magic.

So far this year I released 3 mobile games. I have sat in the best seats for multiple shows in Vegas where I drank champagne and ate chocolate covered strawberries. Granted by myself but I take myself on the best dates. I got to spend some time with my sister who I hadn’t seen in a few years. I’m working now on projects that I am really excited about. I finished out a one year yoga program that brought me a good bit of training and knowledge about myself. I had a number of beautiful people come into my life via couchsurfing. I started blogging again. I am working on being a better me physically, mentally and spiritually.

I look forward to the next 6 months of the Year of the Rainbow Unicorn Butterfly Kitten.

Meditations10 years ago in addition to yoga as a regular part of my life I was introduced to Dr. Wayne Dyers Meditations for Manifesting. While I attribute most of my success in life to hard work, smart decisions and being awesome I also like to think that these meditations being a regular part of my life have contributed a good bit to my success. If not for the actual manifesting what I want in life for at least putting me in the right mindset to attain what I want in life and give thanks. I highly recommend you check out the cd set which provides an Ah morning meditation and an Ohm evening meditation. You can find on Youtube the Ah meditation which is a good introduction to the experience.

Bacon and eggsThis morning coming back from the gym I remembered that I forgot that I hadn’t boiled any more eggs for the week. Then I remembered I had leftover bacon from my rumaki in the fridge and fresh eggs. So I made the best paleo breakfast I know of Bacon and eggs. Seriously I think it is the one meal that converts most people to Paleo. “I can have bacon? Fuck yeah sign me up!”

Tiger rain

Monsoon season is here and it makes walking even the 5 minutes to the gym a little unbearable at times. However that doesn’t stop me from working out at home. I just do a lot more body weight exercise which when you are fat are great because you have a lot of weight to lift. I also do a lot more yoga and stretches. I am going to be getting some resistance bands for home and travel so I can limit the amount of excuses I have for not working out. Seems I can do most of the exercises I do in the gym with them. We will see how that goes. In the mean time I am going to be trying to stay dry.

RumakiSo this weekend in addition to my normal mutton and chicken breast cooking I decided to try to make one of my favorite dishes Rumaki. I was first introduced to Rumaki in New Orleans at a Chinese food restaurant my first day down there. Later I discovered the most amazing Rumaki at the Chinese Kitchen along with their amazing giant egg rolls. I cant have their egg rolls anymore but I can have Rumaki.

Rumaki is pretty Paleo with a few minor substitutions. At the heart of it is Chicken Livers wrapped with bacon. Organ meat and Bacon is like the ideal Paleo thing. I think water chestnuts are in there too. You cook the bacon but not too much, Then you soak the Chicken Livers in soy, garlic, pepper, salt. You can sub out the soy sauce for something more Paleo. I cook the chicken livers in some ghee or butter. Once both bacon and chicken livers are cooked I let them sit a little then once cool I wrap the chicken livers with the bacon. I think you put a water chestnut in there too if you have them. I did not. You secure the wrap with a tooth pick, Then you would put it in a broiler but I do not have a broiler here in India so I throw them back in the frying pan.

I didn’t have a plum sauce/Duck sauce to go with it so I substituted a thai pineapple sauce which was good too. They were delicious. The above photo is not my end result but is about what they looked like