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TigerfiercebabyThis week I weighed in at 250 again and BMI went up to 34%. I missed the gym a couple days and steps were abysmal. This week going to get back on track. I did do some cooking this weekend and it was awesome. I cooked some chicken breasts with just coconut oil and spices. My house guests said it was better than the italian dressing ones I do so maybe I will keep it simple. I also did a batch of rumaki which is always a hit. I dont know why liver gets such a bad reputation they are tasty especially wrapped in bacon. I still have a bunch of mutton cubes to cook. I have also been cutting down the protein shake intake. Hope to find a good balance. That is all.

tiger_river_mirror_1600x1200I have never been one for looking at myself in the mirror. Maybe on a good hair day. Lately though I think I have appreciated the work and effort I have been putting in. I occasionally catch myself doing a little flex and then feeling on my muscles. I get it now. I think its a good thing to appreciate yourself. I am pretty awesome in everything else I do in life. My body has always just been the vessel for the awesome. I didnt take great care of it and I didnt really care. Now I do and I care. There are worse things in life.

PistaMy favorite paleo snack is nuts. I prefer pistachios the most. I feel the effort I have to put in to get those tasty morsels out of their shell makes them better for me and slows down my snacking. I also like almonds and walnuts. MMMM nuts.

indian-tiger_1431_990x742My biggest struggle as of late is seeing my weight stay the same. I see lots of good physical changes and feel great but damn it would be nice to see that number actually start to go down. I really don’t want to give myself too much of a calorie deficit but I think it might be the only way to really get results. Ive adjusted my diet a few times over the last 2 months. Something to delve deeper into.

Tiger-Wallpaper-tigers-16120028-1024-768Back in the gym this morning and was super happy to find I had not loss any of my progress over my vacation. In fact I was able to go up 5 to 10 lbs on all of my lifts and do longer sets with each. I probably need to fit in more rest days in my normal routine. Usually I go every day and only do short sets but I am guessing that the muscles still need time to repair even if only being worked slightly. We will see. Overall super happy with results and people are starting to notice the muscle gain which is awesome too.

TigerfiercebabyOk Back from vacation and while I was not the worst on my vacation for eating and exercising habits I could have been better. I will just call it a rest week and get back to the action now. Weight stayed the same as did BMI so I cant really complain. I saw a small drop this weekend to 248 lbs but as of this mornings weigh in still 250. Appearances though look better so not sure where this weight is shifting but I dont really care. Failed to buy new fitbit watch in states so I will be ordering one here even if it is more expensive. That is all. Thanks for reading.

I swear me using resistance bands is like that tiger staring at the ball of rope. I have no idea if I am doing it right but I keep trying. I have watched a few videos on exercises with resistance bands and have attempted most of them. It just doesn’t feel right. Not wrong just not like lifting free weights. I can feel some burn and soreness but it doesn’t feel like enough. Even when I use the tighter bands then I get no where cause they don’t budge. I am sure there is a correct way or I am using them the correct way and just shouldn’t expect the same results as actual weights.


Last week was super busy with a big presentation for work (hence the lack of Friday post because I was busy with said presentation) but I was still able to get all of my steps and keep to the diet and make it to the gym everyday. So the results of said regime and dedication was a fluctuation of 1 pound up so 251 and a 1 percent increase in BMI 33.3%. Everyone keeps telling me to ignore the scale and for the most part I am but it is still annoying. My Weights in the gym keep getting heavier though and I am putting in a little more time and reps in each day. I have hit 10k steps no matter what.

This week the real test is my quick jaunt to the United States for a week. Maintaining my steps might be a challenge with the mixed time zones but will work towards it regardless. I have my Resistance bands packed in my suitcase and ready to go. Won’t have any protein powder with me but I might pick up some bars when I land. Staying vigilant on trips has always been my downfall. Expect erratic to non-existent posts from Wednesday to Wednesday.

fat tiger

The hardest thing to sticking to a diet is people giving you food you are not supposed to eat. I am good to not over indulge but the damage is usually already done. If it happens early in the day I try to adjust my food the rest of the day accordingly but at the end of the day it is tough to compensate. I am pretty good at saying no most of the time but when someone does something nice for you it seems wrong to say no. So I try to walk more steps or do more reps or add in an exercise to help burn off the extra calories but I never let it get me down. Each day is a new day and new challenges and yesterday is over and done with. There will always be setbacks but it is the journey forward which keeps us going not the past that should hold us back.

Tiny TigerEvery day I keep working towards my goals in fitness and in health. Even if it is a little bit. Yesterday I was able to reduce my calorie intake fairly well. Hope to keep that up. I got to the gym this morning and did a little bit of weights. I have rocked my 10k steps everyday. I may not accomplish every daily goal but as long as I try that is what counts and tomorrow is a new day.