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Category Archives: Cooking

TigerfiercebabyThis week I got back down 250lbs and maintained a 32 BMI. I realize that the amount of calories I am adding in from the protein shakes was spiking me up this week and I hit 255 at one point. So this weekend I cut back on calories in my meals. So instead of supplemental I will be looking at one of my shakes as a replacement meal. I hit the gym every day and have my rest day today which is still yoga and some body weight exercises (main reason Monday is rest day is gym is closed). I cooked and bought way too much food the week before so I am letting the leftovers carry into this week and not doing anything but veggies this week for dinners. We will see playing with calorie counting this week what results I can attain on the weight side. Hoping to see a nice downward trend start this week.

Green SmoothieI don’t know if the title statement is actually true but it seems to be the philosophy of one of my extended stay couchsurfer flatmates. She has been experimenting with my new smoothie blender she calls the toy. So far I have been greeted with “try this!” in the form of spinach, beet and a bitter gourd smoothie. The bitter gourd was pretty disgusting but I am sure it was super healthy. The blender came with a smoothie recipe book and with fresh vegetable and fruit markets all around I expect us to be experimenting with many a new smoothie concoction. Its like Healthy Alchemy.


This week I saw a little improvement. I weighed in at 251 and a BMI of 32%. Down a pound and same BMI. Visually I notice different shape and definition. I got fitted for some bespoke clothing yesterday and looking in the mirror while I was being measured I could see the change. Slow progress but only 3 weeks in. I did pick up some protein powder and a shaker. Also bought a generic Magic Bullet for making smoothies. I was surprised the taste was not awful and actually pretty good. Looking forward to seeing how this all continues to shape up. Cooked some awesome Mutton Masala yesterday which my house guests enjoyed. Always a nice feeling to get positive feedback on cooking. I cooked up the Mutton Masala and some chicken marinaded in Italiandressing. I have chicken livers and bacon but no Rumaki. I will try to make that tonight. That is the update. Riveting I know.


I brought to India my slow cooker but like many of my electric appliances it does not work. So I am getting a new one because nothing makes being Paleo easier than a slow cooker. Easy way to make a large batch of food for the week. Some vegetables, some spices and a nice piece of meat thrown in the slow cooker and BAM awesome meal. Looking forward to trying out some old recipes with some new indian spices.

Bacon and eggsThis morning coming back from the gym I remembered that I forgot that I hadn’t boiled any more eggs for the week. Then I remembered I had leftover bacon from my rumaki in the fridge and fresh eggs. So I made the best paleo breakfast I know of Bacon and eggs. Seriously I think it is the one meal that converts most people to Paleo. “I can have bacon? Fuck yeah sign me up!”