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Stupid tigerBodies are complex little chemistry sets. You feed them the right chemicals and they produce wondrous results. Supposedly there is like a manual for this stuff that works and doesn’t work. When I did a paleo diet 3 years ago over the course of 10 months I lost 60lbs. Granted I didn’t start weighing myself actively until 5 months in. So maybe just maybe it took a while for my body to start losing weight like it is now. However you would think working on a deficit of calories for 2 weeks would show some weight loss. Yes muscle weighs blah blah. I didn’t do any weight training the last time. I also didn’t start walking 10k steps until a few months in last time too. Maybe my body needs more time to adjust to the new caloric intake and in a couple more weeks I will see it all fall away but damn it would be encouraging when doing the numbers if this worked out. Activity is higher than usual, what I eat is way less than I was before but I am consistently seeing myself at 250. Physical changes are slightly better but I think my body is just stupid. Still plugging away but want to see some numbers change sooner than later.

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