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Drinking TigerI am guessing from what I read my 1 meal and protein shakes is a form of fasting. I have a shake in the morning, shake at lunch and a meal for dinner, which is decent sized, and then a shake before bed. I am getting mixed reads on milk vs water. The milk does add fat and calories but also tends to tie me over through the day. Supposedly it is either awesome for muscle growth or the worst. It depends on which lifitng broscience you read. Basically I end up with a 300 calorie breakfast with milk and 150 calories with water. Same for lunch. Dinner is in the 400-600 range. Same calories for prebed shake. So like 1300 calories for the day and a ton of water because I drink all the water in the world when I am fasting. I feel pretty good too. Of course today is Samosa day so it is cheat day but still counting calories.

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