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Goat in India

Being Paleo in India can be challenging at times if you eat out. Food either involves bread, rice or fried batter. However those are the things that usually accompany your meal. Mainly to temper the fiery heat of the spices of the food. If you can eat masala with no issues on its own then cutting out the carbs is easy. Its even easier if you cook at home.

Great thing about India is that you get fresh vegetables and meats pretty readily. Everything is seasonal and sourced locally. It sucks when a vegetable or fruit you like is out of season but when something is in season it tastes that much better. Every week or day if needed I can walk to my local street vendor and grab the veggies and fruits I need for my meals. Generally I just stock up on the weekend but it is nice that like 5 feet outside my home is a guy selling vegetables and if I dont like his vegetables I walk 5 minutes to the next guy.

Getting meat is easy and tricky here. I can get all the chicken I want. All the mutton I want. A variety of fish. Beef. Well that one is banned in the state I live in so getting beef is not an option. Pork is tricky and some pork product can be acquired threw some vendors but not as readily as the rest. I know where to get bacon and that is all that matters.

Sourcing meat though is easy. I have a great local butcher and they deliver. I order my boneless chicken breasts and my mutton cubes and they come about an hour or so later. Since the cubes come from the leg they give me the bones as well which is great for soups. I can get organ meat if I want too. Again the animals are all local. How do I know because I see them tied up in front of the shops.

Aside from the temptations of somasas, chapati, naan and biryani eating and staying paleo is easy to do.

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