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Been a year and a half and now I have decided to dust off this blog and write about the incredible journey I have been on mentally, physically and spiritually. I began doing Paleo back in February 2013. I estimate I was about 290-300 lbs at the time. Simply doing Paleo and walking 5 miles day I got down to 215 lbs by November. Before I moved to India in February 2014 I got back up to 220. I was good at maintaining my weight but I also had only been doing diet over that year so I was skinny fat. I had no definition or tone.

Being in India I was maintaining the weight. I had started a personal Yoga program. I was not eating Paleo though. I went back to the States in August for a month and while I was there gained 20lbs. Came back and over the next 6 months gained another 20lbs getting myself back up to 250. Still a few pants sizes down from where I used to be a few years ago but not good.

So as of a week and a half ago I started back on Paleo but have also started doing weight training, yoga and swimming to help create definition and assist in the diet. So far my weight has not dropped but I am seeing results in the mirror and how I feel.

Thanks for reading.

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