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The month leading up to my trip to India had me slip a bit in my healthy eating ways. I was consuming not only things that weren’t paleo but also my portions were a little more than they should have been. If I learned anything over the last year in regards to being healthier it was that portion control contributed to not being fat. Yeah on paleo you can eat a lot because it is healthy stuff but at the end of the day it is still caloric intake and activity burning those calories. Needless to say that I gained about 10lbs to 15lbs back from what I had lost.

I knew coming to India I would be able to focus on my health a good bit more and so part of that would start with eating healthy. The good part about India is they have some healthy food. Not all of it is paleo but it is easy enough to navigate around the rice and bread and beans. Even with that I maintain my 100% paleo 80% of the time rule.

Since I have been in india my breakfast has been fresh fruit, egg and cheese omelot and a couple of pieces of bacon. I usually have a fruit smoothie to go with it. Oh and of course some Masala tea.

Lunch I have just been having a lara bar cashew  bar but I am running out of those so I will probably start getting lunch but keep an eye on portions. My first day at work I did get lunch and it was some nan bread, palak paneer and a lassi. So fricking good. Of course I also have chai through out the day but the portions are like a third of a tall Starbucks so no where near as bad as the two venti chais I used to have a day at 320 calories a pop.

Dinner for me usually is usually some protein like fish, beef or chicken, some diary like paneer, and lots of vegetables. Usually I have a glass of fresh squeezed pineapple juice too. It has been really filling and not bad on the calories. I haven’t been able to get on a scale here but I can already tell I have worked on cutting back down the weight.

Now some pictures of what I have been eating for dinner.

IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0191 IMG_0192 IMG_0193IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205

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