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I was on vacation last week and decided to pick up a fitbit since a good number of my friends have been doing it. So far I really enjoy it. It lets me see how active or inactive I am. I can set a goal for weight loss and I can keep track of my calories eaten and those burned. With the weight loss tracking it sets a limit on my calories in which is great. I like when I burn more by being more active I can take in more calories to balance it all out or not. For the game designer in me I really like all of the gamification aspects of this product.

It tracks my number of steps and gives me a daily goal of 10000. I have yet to reach that but get pretty close each day and I am sure I can do it once I actively put myself towards that goal. I have 10 floors of step goal which is easy for me to hit. I have water intake goal which I fail at. Calorie goals, miles walked goals and all of it just helps motivate me to do more.

I can add in more activities I might do like Dance Central or Yoga. I like that a lot.

Really the Fitbit is just one more thing to help me stay on track and be a healthier me. I will report more on it as I go but first week with it and I love it so far.

You can add me as a friend on fit bit at cmmifsud at gmail dot com.

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