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I heard this quote while playing Dragon Age from a character called Sten. Now regardless of the source of the quote it was one of the phrases that really resonated with me while I was considering going Paleo and changing my lifestyle. It goes well with another quote on the definition of Insanity “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” from Albert Einstein. I am pretty sure I was the living definition of insanity for a while. I was upset with my life but I was doing nothing to change it. Even when all evidence pointed to the common denominator being me. I was the thing that needed changing not the world.

I find the only difference between a miserable person and a happy person is what they put their focus on in life. The miserable person dwells on the bad in their life missing out constantly on the good that they experience everyday while the happy person dwells on the good that is in their life and let the bad that happens fall to the way side. Sure some people have it better or worse than others but their perception and how they deal with their experiences is what compounds it all.

Since going paleo, becoming more active, taking better care of myself and just changing my perceptions to focus on the positive I have become happier. I have  many of the same problems I had before but they don’t seem so overwhelming. Being able to see physical change is always a great motivator and a positive reward for my actions. In the end I am becoming the person I want to be and in turn I have changed my world.

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