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One of the biggest problems I had when I first started going Paleo was being hungry and then over snacking. My first day I under prepared for how hungry I would be. I got a little woozy that day. I then over compensated by eating lots of snacks. Eventually though I balanced out and though I snack here and there I do it when I am hungry and not constantly.

I still find snacks are good though and I only do so when my body tells me it is hungry. I have stopped eating like I used to which was all the time and when I thought I needed to eat but not when my body told me.

Snacks for me are fruit (but not a lot), nuts (I love pistachios and cashews), and the concessional Lara Bar (At this point I only eat one kind, the cashew bar. It is like crack to me. I have bought out the Cashew Lara Bar supply in multiple stores around Quebec.)

I luck out working at a company that provides fresh fruit so I have a steady supply of bananas, apples, and oranges with the occasional pear and kiwi.

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  1. You should check out Quest bars! The peanut butter and jelly and is addiction of mine.

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