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I got started by searching the internet for like a billion Paleo websites. I read all of them or at least it seamed like all of them. I delved into the rules, the diversity of opinions on a few hard rules and the recipes.

The next thing I did was clean out my Fridge and cabinets of anything that wasn’t Paleo. It really was an important step to remove anything that would remotely tempt me off the diet in case I had troubles at the start. I didn’t have any troubles but I was still thankful to not have the crappy food I was eating before in my kitchen.

Once I cleaned out the kitchen I then went about filling it back up. I went through some of those recipes and bookmarked some I thought I might like. I recommend Pinterest for pinning recipes you find. Create a Paleo board and pin away. But I couldn’t cook them all so I had to make some choices.

One thing I read was it was helpful to prepare all of your meals ahead of time. This prevents grabbing stuff that is not Paleo because you are hungry and don’t have Paleo stuff ready. I found it to be a good tip and has helped me stay on course. I do all of my cooking on the weekend which I really enjoy. So a full day or two of cooking and I have meals ready for every course and some snacks.

So start with an empty Fridge. Then start with breakfast. I like bacon for breakfast and eggs. I also like to have a few hard boiled eggs around for quick food if I don’t have time to cook breakfast. I have adjusted my morning schedule though to allow for time to cook, exercise, get ready for work etc. Anyways for breakfast I pick up a pack of bacon sometimes 2 if there is need for bacon in other recipes, a carton and a half of eggs, some Creton (which is a Quebec thing but awesome), occasionally a pack of Ham Steaks to vary things up.  That covers the week and weekend. 2 eggs and a couple pieces of bacon and BAM awesome breakfast.

For Lunch at work I buy a big thing of Baby Spinach or mixed greens. I also buy a couple packages of chicken strips. I cook the Chicken strips with some garlic and spices. Every morning while I cook breakfast I put together a salad with some chicken strips. I add a sliced hard boiled egg or extra veggies from other meals to mix it up a bit. This covers me for my work days.

For Dinner I usually do a crock pot meal and some other meats. The crock pot meals cover me for the nights I come home and don’t want to cook. Otherwise I make a steak or some fish with cooked vegetables. I am a fan of Asparagus, Broccoli, and Brussels Sprouts.

I start the week with a full fridge and end the week with an empty one. The cost of groceries for me is pretty low, especially now that I know what I need.

That is how I started.

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