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When I first bought a kinect for my Xbox I swore it was because  I wanted to see how it was going to work with Mass Effect 3 but that isn’t the whole truth. I picked up Dance Central 1 and 2 when I picked up my kinect and I enjoyed them but only played them a little bit. However when Dance Central 3 came out I was determined to pick it up at some point. Of course the holidays had me playing a lot of other games. Eventually though Dance Central 3 came out on Games On Demand and so I bought it. Technically I bought it twice and hopefully Microsoft fixes the mistake (I’m looking at you Microsoft and your crappy customer service!)

So now that I have a copy I have decided to add it to my new lifestyle changes. Today I began my journey to Dance Central fitness. I loaded my age, height, and weight into the game. Told it I want to do it 5 times a week and guessed at how many calories I wanted to lose. Then I did the intro dances and the 70’s and began the 80’s.

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