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tiger newI still weigh myself everyday even though I shouldnt but I cant help it. This morning I weighed in at 236. Which is awesome considering as of last week I was back up to 250. Now I am below where I was when I was sick but it doesn’t make a lick of sense. I was like 243 yesterday which was awesome in of its self. Anyways after months of staying at the same weight I am finally dropping off the weight hope it keeps up.

Tiger eating

Since coming back from my trip to the states I think one of the major contributors to my weight loss has been lack of appetite. Its not really a bad thing. I am just not as hungry all the time as I used to be and when I do eat I only want smaller portions. I consider this a huge win in my book. Hopefully I can maintain this with portion control and supplements. My plan is to work down the weight by about 20lbs and then kick up the weight training again. I am sure I will see a weight increase then but I will be ok with it since I know the source will be muscle.

TigerfiercebabySo it has been a few weeks but I am still alive. I was super sick and lost like 12 lbs then but it wasnt good and I was like the walking dead. Then I went to the states for personal and business reasons. I ate a lot then of stuff I love and gained those 12lbs back to 250lbs. However since I have been back I have been really good about my eating though awful about my exercise and I have dropped 5lbs bringing me back to 245. If I can keep this going I will be pretty happy. I guess a little shock to the system got the body out of store mode and into cutting mode. Progress is at least healthy progress at this point.

TigerfiercebabyI got pretty sick this weekend and I am pretty sure I am still sick. Totally a situation of over indulgence and poor upkeep of my body. Though I subscribe to the philosophy of everything in moderation I am actually an all or nothing kind of guy. So in the spirit of Dragon Con (which I was not at) I drank too much, stayed up too late and perhaps got a little debaucherous. Well I did that for a couple days straight and by Sunday my body said FUCK YOU. So I was hit with fever, chills, headache, sore throat. I thankfully have some awesome guests who helped take care of me but damn if I was not a miserable sack of waste this weekend. Still the weigh in comes at 249lbs and 33.1% Body Fat. This week I am going to be ultra strict on the diet and see if I get any payback.

tiger newA friend of mine who I really admire for her commitment to lifting posted a new regiment she was doing. I don’t know half the exercises listed or have access to all the equipment needed for some but what I liked was the theory behind the exercises. Normally I lift the heaviest weight I can for 10-20 reps one set. This involved 5 sets with 6-8 reps with 10 seconds of rest between sets. I tried it today and really enjoyed the workout. I will probably rotate out on this during my week or maybe make it constant. Definitely liked trying it and it felt great too. I think its important to add to your repertoire in order to keep exercise fun and exciting. Really glad I made it to the gym this morning and got to try this out. Looking forward to the gym tomorrow. Its all about getting in there and doing the work.

Tiger backI both love and hate rest days. I love rest days cause I do feel my body recovering from the day before work out. At the same time I hate them because I easily let one rest day slip into another rest day. I was doing an everyday gym thing now I get in 3-4 times. I can’t decide which is having the better effect constant gym or gym with rest. I will keep bouncing between the two, Just need to get better about not going too many days with rest.,

TigerfiercebabyThis week we still hover around 250 actually 251 with 32,8% body fat, I have hit my 10k steps and 5 miles everyday this week. I have made it to the gym a little less often but been really appreciating the rest days, I have started to feel that soreness again a little during those rest days. Weights keeping going up so that is good. If weights arent going up I get reps up. Weather is getting nice so I might add in swimming again for the off days. Food is still protein shakes and whole meals for dinner. Did a little more calories this weekend but still healthy foods. Water intake still high. Feeling much better since starting on the vitamin supplement. Vitamin B makes you pee neon yellow I learned. That is the weekly update. Thanks for reading.

Stupid tigerBodies are complex little chemistry sets. You feed them the right chemicals and they produce wondrous results. Supposedly there is like a manual for this stuff that works and doesn’t work. When I did a paleo diet 3 years ago over the course of 10 months I lost 60lbs. Granted I didn’t start weighing myself actively until 5 months in. So maybe just maybe it took a while for my body to start losing weight like it is now. However you would think working on a deficit of calories for 2 weeks would show some weight loss. Yes muscle weighs blah blah. I didn’t do any weight training the last time. I also didn’t start walking 10k steps until a few months in last time too. Maybe my body needs more time to adjust to the new caloric intake and in a couple more weeks I will see it all fall away but damn it would be encouraging when doing the numbers if this worked out. Activity is higher than usual, what I eat is way less than I was before but I am consistently seeing myself at 250. Physical changes are slightly better but I think my body is just stupid. Still plugging away but want to see some numbers change sooner than later.

Drinking TigerI think what kills me when dieting is the liquid calories. Not the protein shakes those I account for. No its the chai here and there, the alcohol, the glass of wine, and the mixer for the alcohol. It doesn’t take a lot of those to boost your caloric intake for the day turning an unassuming low cal day to a high cal day. But if I can control my food I can control my liquids too. Perseverance.

Tiger eatingI seriously thought I was going to be feeling hungry all the time doing one meal but it really isn’t bad at all. I’m very happy I am doing a solid whole meal at the end of my day. My work day is alert and I don’t feel tired like I used to after lunch. I have energy through the day. My workouts feel good. When I do eat more it is too filling and so I am less inclined to do so again. Its really not that hard to keep up. My variety comes in my dinner meal. Next month I might pick up a different flavor of protein powder to add some variety but for now I am a fan of the chocolate. I have another trip to the states for fun and business in a couple weeks. Going to need to pack some powder then to keep me on the straight and narrow. The vitamins have probably helped a bit too. Who knew feeding your body the appropriate things could make you feel better?